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With our team of specialists, we analyze and handle each project in detail.
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Site Selection

We identify the most adequate option in the market in order to develop buildings through a highly professional search and selection of each site. 


Commercialization is the means by which we manage to have the best posible clients.

Project Management

Through planning, organization, motivation and control of resources, we are able to achieve our goals.

Post Sale Services

We strive to follow up on our customers after the sale is completed, and in this way we can guarantee our clients’ satisfaction.

Technical Know How:

We develop "in house" solutions, that is, we do not outsource our construction or management services. Therefore we achieve maximum efficiency, and combined with our knowledge of local market, GP Desarrollos sets industry standards in order to deliver results on time.


Quality Assurance and Sustainable Projects

The construction division of the group that supports GP Desarrollos, packs almost 50 years’ experience working with global companies and observing international regulations. In matters of property procedures, the company’s facilities are kept to the highest standards certified by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) ASHRAE, ISO 9001, UL DQS.


Strategics Alliances:

The management of the company’s growth have reached plans for expansion and alliance with world class real estate and financial institutions like Clarion Partners, to reinforce the company’s capacity, and bring financial stability, in order to carry out more complex projects and as a result improve our market participation in key places.


Social Liability of the Company

In summary, corporate liability is a process of self-regulation built into the GP Desarrollos business model in order to guarantee quality of life, ethical standard and the community’s participation. This way, we assume the responsibility for the impact of our activities on the environment and the parts involved, as well as attract public interest in the growth and development of the community, voluntarily abandoning practices that may be harmful for the public sphere. 

Interesting sections