Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
GP Desarrollos is formed by a team of professionals with experience in architecture, engineering and management of properties.
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The Mission, Vision and Purpose of the Group have been established in order to imprint rhythm and direction to our activities, which must be undertaken with deep regard for the company principles and values that the GP Group’s Directors, Personnel and Value Chain are bound by. 

I. Fiduciary Principle

Act like a person of trust toward the company and its investors. Carry out the company’s business with loyalty and diligence and with the degree of honesty you would expect from a responsible administrator.

II. Reliability Principle

To honor commitments. Stick to our word and keep promises, agreements and other voluntary commitments, whether they be part of legally binding contracts, or not.

III. Transparency Principle

To do business in an honest and truthful manner. To abstain from deceitful acts or practices, to keep accurate and trustworthy records and to timely submit all important information, honoring our confidentiality and privacy obligations.

IV. Dignity Principle

To respect the dignity of all people. To protect others’ health, safety, privacy and human rights; to abstain from coertion, and adopt practices that promote human development at work, the marketplace and the community.

V. Equity Principle

Commit to free and equitable competitiveness, to treat all parties in an unbiased manner, and instill non-discrimination policies both in hiring and at work.

VI. Citizenship Principle

To act as responsible citizens of the community to respect the law, protect public property, cooperate with the authorities, not getting inappropriately involved in politics and government, and to contribute towards the betterment of the community and the environment.

VII. Receptivity Principle

Collaborate with those who may have legitimate concerns and rights regarding the activities of the company and to be receptive to the needs of the public, while at the same time recognizing the role and jurisdiction of the government in protecting public interests.

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