Corporate Social Responsability

Corporate Social Responsability
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More than seven years ago we, as Grupo GP, started as a Corporate Responsibility Program, earning in 2012 the Corporate Social Responsability award. (CSR).

Our Corporate Social responsability Program includes:


Connecting with the Community

We maintain an ongoing commitment to community development as we are convinced that growth and improvement is inherent our company´s development. Through the volunteer work of our employees, Grupo GP has been linked with associations and academic institutions.


Business Ethics

Respect work conditions with ethical standards. Our growth is based on the observance of human rights and openness to diversity and equity in a healthy and safe work environment.



Treating the environment and natural resources responsibly is our priority. We strive to use our resources in the best possible way and work to create a culture of care and respect for the environment.


Life Quality

Our growth is strengthened by constant training, development and activities that reinforce the skills and interests of each person and their family.


This year 18 volunteers of Grupo GP shared their time with 315 students Ortegosa Leon High School through the program "Small Entrepreneurs". The program allow our staff to share their experiences and knowledge with students of primary and middle school.

"Taking part of the Program Impulsa was a wonderful experience. Being with the children and get to feel the energy I was received with, was unbelievable" - Alma Alvarado



This year we did two reforestation campaigns, which benefited Gaspar López Henaine "Capulina" Kindergarden in Apodaca, NL and Elementary School José de los Reyes Martínez.

Planted Trees.
Staff Members Participated.



This 2015, Grupo GP celebrated its fourth family race, which promotes family bonding and a healthier lifestyle.

Staff members and their families participated in the race.


We know that preventive health is important to detect in time disease, that's why we organize campaigns, as well as preventive health conferences, where our employees can learn and recieve general checkups.

Staff benefited from Health Campaigns.